Path Finding

Our client engagement approach is to fully understand the existing processes implemented within the business as well as how this impacts the people making use of these systems and processes. Collectively we implement discovery and design thinking workshops that enable teams to innovate and solve problems.

Technology Solutions

We are technology agnostic, placing our clients and their needs ahead of our code preferences, existing systems are considered when building solutions that contribute to your processes. Depending on what is already in place our team may implement software or hardware improvements.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to clients who see value in working with technologists to inform their technology decisions, whether you require assistance with the procurement of a technology provider to a tech due diligence we work alongside you.


Product, customer, market, or brand research. Strategy, report writing and respondents are provided.

App Development

Our mobile development team delivers web apps, hybrid mobile apps, and native apps for both Android and iOS.

Design Thinking

Design thinking workshops to organize fact-finding and decision making within your teams.

QA Testing

End to end testing software testing provides a clear understanding of system performance, our team applies a number of testing methodologies.

Technology Strategy

Overall plan of technology strategy within the organisation, including objectives, principles, and tactics.

UX/UI Design

User experience and user interface design, our team are experts in creating efficient user journeys and fleshing out beautiful experiences.

Software Development

Full-stack development to build the solution that best serves needs, timeline, and budget.


We provide ongoing support and maintenance, partnering with our clients as their technology arm, whatever your needs we are poised to assist.

Our leadership team is an assortment of technologists with years of experience across corporate and start-up environments

We've worked with clients big and small, across many industry verticals.

Innovative and flexible

Whether you're looking at working with a partner for pathfinding, consulting, or the full lifecycle of a development project, we have a plan that will suit your needs.

Connect with us today and get an estimate for your project.